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Video: getting used to glasses for people with intellectual disabilities

This video shows the principles involved in getting used to wearing glasses and how the familiarisation process actually works.

People with intellectual disabilities who get prescribed glasses may not want to wear them. Some people don't accept objects on their faces or have to get used to looking at a changed world. It is important that people with intellectual disabilities are given a chance to get used to glasses. This calls for special - extra - care.

Aimed at: Professionals, parents and others involved with people with intellectual disabilities who get prescribed glasses.

Year of publication: 2002. The movie was shot in 1997, with an update in 2002, in our former design. Information is still present.
Length: 23 minutes.

This video is due to technical reasons temporarily not available. If you are interested in this video, please let us know: e-mail

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Paula Sterkenburg
Frans Gunther
Jan IJzerman