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SXSW: Technology for the forgotten

For those living with multiple, profound disabilities, their limitations often exclude them form access to the technologies that we all take for granted. Ironically, if there only was more inclusivity, these same technologies cold be especially transformative to their lives.

Afbeeldingen in de vorm van een kluis slotBartiméus is renowned in using technology for this special group and run several projects in the following key areas:


How to stay in contact with family and friends with the same means everybody is using?

Independent living:

How to have your independence back and be less dependent on others, living in a smart environment that is adapted to your needs?

Access to information: 

How can people with complex needs be able to search, find and read information on the internet? Can complex information be translated automatically into understandable information?


How can technology utilize meaningful activities where persons with complex needs can independently explore, learn and broaden their world?


How can people with complex needs be assisted to move from A to B in a safe way? We explain more about our work in this video:

Can you unlock potential?

We would like to get in touch with stakeholders who would like to collaborate to bridge the inclusivity gap and enhance the lives of people with complex needs. For more information please contact:

Dick Lunenborg: