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Care with vision

Understanding and helping people with an intellectual and visual disability. Visual impairment is a common, but often underestimated problem in children and adults with a learning disability.

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Children with partial sight

More and more visually impaired children are being raised in their own homes. Parents, other members of the family, friends, physicians, teachers and others can contribute to the optimum development and integration of the visually impaired child. Provided they have some understanding of what this handicap signifies. There are still far too many people who have an entirely false idea; who believe that clumsiness, insecurity and dependence are typical of visually impaired people.

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Congenital deafblindness

Living with congenital deafblindness is not easy: you can gain very little information about your environment yourself, you need adaptations to be able to communicate with others and gaining control over your environment is extremely difficult. Therefore deafblindness requires a specific approach. This book provides practical information about deafblindness.

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CVI Experience

Visual perception is a complex process. Our brains continuously process information that enters via the eyes, linking it to existing knowledge, integrating and interpreting it, allowing us to understand and recognise what we see. Brain damage can sometimes disrupt this process. This is referred to as Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI). This book is tutorial material for care and education professionals.

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Developing Attachment

Developing Attachment is a workbook for building up a secure relationship with children or adults with severe intellectual or multiple disabilities. By building up a secure relationship they can be stimulated to develop further. This book is about the elements that are necessary in order to build up an attachment relationship with children or adults with a severe intellectual disability or with multiple disabilities. The importance of building up an attachment relationship is based on the attachment theory.

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Diagnostic Assessment of Attachment Related Disorders in Children with Intellectual Disability

Proefschrift 'Diagnostic Assessment of Attachment Related Disorders in Children with Intellectual Disability'

Met zijn onderzoek levert Giltaij een nieuw diagnostisch protocol en tevens een nieuw observatie instrument om hechting gerelateerde stoornissen vast te stellen bij kinderen met een lichte verstandelijke beperking in de leeftijd van 5-11 jaar. Het gaat om een groep kinderen bij wie tot nu toe maar moeilijk een diagnose gesteld kon worden aangezien er geen goed diagnostisch instrument was.

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How I discover! *NIEUW*

How parents can help their blind baby
This booklet contains a lot of practical advice, descriptions of the ways children with visual impairments might experience things, and how to help them. The necessarily large quantity of advice reflects the extent to which the disability influences so many aspects of a child’s development. It often concerns things you can’t imagine yourself, because you have to learn to take a whole new and unfamiliar perspective. See this book as a reference source: if something goes wrong, you can use it to find out what you can do.

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Individual relocation profile and relocation plan

Although moving house is not uncommon for people with intellectual and sensory disabilities, moving can be a stressful event and have a large impact on a person’s life. Bartiméus Expertise Centre Deafblindness has developed an individual relocation profile and relocation plan in order to support people with intellectual and sensory disabilities when moving house. To ensure the move proceeds as smoothly and efficiently as possible, this book provides guidelines and tips for the phases before, during and after the move. 

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Intervening in Stress, Attachment and Challenging Behaviour

First, the study confirmed the plasticity of the development of an attachment relationship even in adolescence, indicating also that it was possible to develop an affect-regulating relationship with clients with visual and severe intellectual disabilities who had not had the opportunity to develop an attachment relationship with specific attachment figures earlier in life.

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Mentalization can be learned

Guidelines for all parents and caregivers supporting persons with a visual impairment and/or intellectual disability and also suffering from a problematic attachment, psychiatric disorders and/or behavioural problems

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