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Simulation Exercises to Clarify Cerebral Visual Impairment

Presentatie (Engelstalig) van Florine Pilon tijdens het congres Vision 2014 in Melbourne.

At Bartiméus, we diagnose a large number of children with cerebral visual impairment (CVI). Subsequently we explain this diagnosis to parents and professionals. We noticed that verbal information alone gives limited insight in the complexity and impact of CVI. We therefore wanted to develop a complementary method for information transmission, in order to improve the understanding of the problems that a child with CVI may experience.


We performed a literature search for better methods of transferring information. We then used this information to develop a method to improve illustration of the problems that children with CVI may encounter.


The literature showed the value of simulation exercises in increasing empathy and understanding of CVI. It also showed that optimal education consists of a combination of verbal transmission and simulation exercises, with subsequent debriefing.

We developed simulation exercises on the following problems and areas:

  • Crowding
  • Form and face recognition
  • Visual attention and visual selection
  • Depth and motion perception
  • Route finding
  • Visually controlled locomotion
  • Conclusion and discussion

The use of simulation exercises may promote empathy, understanding and knowledge of children with CVI.

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