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Simulating hemianopic field defects using an eye-tracker; setup and video for educational purposes

Presentatie (Engelstalig) van Frank Hoeben tijdens het congres Vision 2014 in Melbourne.

Professionals in low vision and family members of low vision patients may find it hard to imagine what the world looks like in hemianopia, and what kind of visual problems patients encounter.

To simulate a visual field defect, often glasses are used where the left or right half of each glass is made opaque. We consider these methods of simulation insufficient.

A boy of 16 years old was going to have surgery for epilepsia, that would result in homonymous hemianopia. He was referred to us for the question of demonstrating to him and his parents the impact of a hemianopic field defect. We wrote software for the Tobi T60 XL eye-tracker for simulation of a left or right sided homonymous field defect, with or without macular sparing.

We presented to the boy and his parents the simulated field defect, while he was either reading a static text or while watching a soccer match. Right hemianopia, as expected, proved to be especially difficult while reading. But hemianopia had far more impact on watching the dynamic soccer match.

The eye-tracker as a tool for demonstration of hemianopic field defects proved to be of great value for patients and their family, and professionals in low vision. We made a video of the simulation for educational purposes, in case an eye-tracker is not available. 

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