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Understanding and supporting persons with a visual and/or intellectual disability

Presentatie (Engelstalig) van Paula Sterkenburg tijdens het 4e IASSIDD Europe Congres in Wenen in juli 2014.

In this symposium we present three studies focusing on understanding and supporting persons with a visual and/or intellectual disability.

  • The effect of a recently developed serious game on prejudice towards persons with disabilities (Sterkenburg and Jurriëns)
  • Case studies on mentalizing and non-mentalizing communication during daily care for children and adults with a visual impairment, intellectual disability and/or with problematic attachment (Dekker and Sterkenburg)
  • The effects of mindfulness for people with visual and moderate intellectual disability and their caregivers (Hokke, Lievense and Sterkenburg)

First, we will focus on understanding by presenting the results of a serious game used as intervention to reduce prejudice. Second, we will present the analyses of case studies with as aim understanding of mentalizing and non-mentalizing ways of communicating during daily care and related interventions. Third, a single case study (N=2) will be presented aimed at examining the effects of mindfulness for clients with a visual and intellectual disability and their caregivers. 

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