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Book: How I discover!

How parents can help their blind baby.

This book contains a lot of practical advice, descriptions of the ways children with visual impairments might experience things, and how to help them. The necessarily large quantity of advice reflects the extent to which the disability influences so many aspects of a child’s development. It often concerns things you can’t imagine yourself, because you have to learn to take a whole new and unfamiliar perspective.

This book may give the impression that there’s a lot that ‘must’ be done. It can be discouraging to realise just how many aspects of development and daily life are influenced by visual impairment. But you may see this book as a reference source: if something goes wrong, you can use it to find out what you can do. Fortunately, many things go well ‘automatically’; this differs from child to child. After many practical examples and insights into the experiential world of your child, you’ll eventually find yourself at home in that world too. Allowing you to also find solutions for situations that aren’t covered in the book.

Authors: Katinka Bakker Minette Roza

Year of publication: 2017

Price: € 22,01

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