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Bartimeus and Vision 2017

Low vision rehabilitation, a global right. That’s the theme of this year’s VISION 2017 congress in The Hague.

From the 25th – 29th June 2017 professionals from all over the world will come to the Netherlands to share knowledge and get the latest reports on a wide variety of topics in the field of low vision & rehabilitation.

Together with Koninklijke Visio and the Robert Coppes Foundation, Bartiméus will be present on the exhibition floor of VISION 2107 in the World Forum. In this booth visitors will have the opportunity to meet our professionals and get to know our knowledge products and expertise in more detail. A variety of subjects will be addressed in our booth with demonstrations and explanations of knowledge products and expertise.

Company Bio:

Bartiméus is committed to contribute to a good life for people with a visual impairment in all areas and phases of life. Since 1915 Bartiméus has grown into a nationwide expertise organisation that supports blind and partially sighted people. We continuously enlarge our knowledge about living with a visual impairment. We apply the latest insights using innovative resources and we educate and train our employees permanently.  

Our employees are provided with time and tools to convert new ideas into promising developments and to be involved in (scientific) research. This usually takes place in cooperation with scientific, higher educational and other research institutes. In this way, we permanently enhance our knowledge and expertise. The questions and needs of people with a visual impairment are leading for our research.   

Bartiméus also has a mission to share our knowledge with others: partners in care, teachers, municipalities, but also politicians, policy makers, employers, and so on. Anyone involved in people that are blind or partially sighted can request our advice and support. Our ultimate goal: to offer a significant contribution to the quality of life for blind and partially sighted people.  

Bartiméus presentations:

  • Cerebral Visual Impairment and teaching packs - Eric van Heuvelen.
  • CVI experience - Florine Pilon.
  • How annoying is it for children to get eye drops - Heleen Veen.
  • Eye Tracking perimetry as a diagnostic tool for patients suspected of a conversian disorder - Gerard de Wit.
  • Hearing rehabilitation for people with visual and intellectual disabilities: a multidisciplinary approach - Ingrid Korenstra.
  • Communicative engagement of a person with congenital deafblindness in narrative and multiparty conversational practices - Mijkje Worm.
  • Dreaming about an accessible life for Deafblind people - Eric van Heuvelen.
  • Inclusive architectural design: a building tailored made for everyone, including visual impaired people - Marij van den Wildenberg.
  • To learn practical skills when you are born blind or severely visually impaired - Dita Rijneveld.
  • Hypermetropia and motor delay in visually impaired children - Nienke Boonstra.
  • Bifocals in Down, a study on the effect of bifocals in Children with Down Syndrome - Christine de Weger.
  • Combined Visuomotor and Near-Acuity Letter training improves visual and reading performance in children with infantale Nystagmus - Bianca Huurneman.
  • Interventions to stimulate the perception of details in visually impaired children. - Miranda in 't Veld.
  • Assessment of Disturbed Attachment - Hans Giltaij.
  • Treatment of Disturbed Attachment - Paula Sterkenburg.
  • Mentalization Based Support (MBS) - Francien Dekker van der Sande.
  • The effectiveness of Video- feedback intervention to promote Positive Parenting for parents of children with a visual or visual and intellectual disability (VIPP-V). - Paula Sterkenburg
  • Effectiveness of a serious game 'Stop bullying now'. - Pieternet LIevense
  • Impact of corneal disease from patients and ophtalmologists perspectives.
  • Examining the link between visual impairments and psychosis: a systematic lterature review - Tineke de Jonge.
  • Being sensitive towards the special support needs of people with a visual and intellectual disability: a condition for participation - Truus van Duijvenboden
  • Method to treat symptoms of complicated grief of people with severe visual and mental disabilities - Rianne Vermeulen.
  • Experiences of Parents and Professionals of Children Suffering from Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (NCL) - Bert Veneberg.
  • Sensors in the care for persons with a visual and intellectual disability: use, needs, practical issues and ethical concerns - Gerdien Woensdregt
  • Break in the Lifeline due to acquired Brain Injury: recognizing these patients in an optometry office. - Henk Stam.
  • Fatigue in visually impaired employees - Erna Luttik.
  • Vision of the future: Occupational therapy and neurological vision impairment - Evelien Hollestelle.

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