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Book: Mentalization can be learned

Guidelines for all parents and caregivers supporting persons with a visual impairment and/or intellectual disability and also suffering from a problematic attachment, psychiatric disorders and/or behavioural problems

Cover of the book Mentalization can be learned

The book is a splendid guideline for interacting with children, young people and adults with a visual impairment and/or intellectual disability who are experiencing problematic attachment, other psychiatric disorders and/or behavioural problems. The power of the book lies in the concise, crisp chapters, each of which relates to a clearly distinguishable aspect of mentalization. It provides food for conversation and training material for learning how to mentalize and how to interact with others. The authors rightly argue that the only situation in which effective mentalization can be learned is during interaction with others. 

Authors: Francien Dekker- van der Sande and Paula Sterkenburg.

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